Integrated Platform for Quantum Photonic Networks

close up of a quantum photonic network device which is triangular in shape

Quantum Information Science (QIS) has incredible potential to drive scientific discovery forward, leading to new capabilities and scientific tools to transform our understanding of nature and advance U.S. energy, economic, and national security interests. Delivering this potential requires achieving the goals and challenges set forth in the National Strategic Overview for QIS. In particular, networks that transport quantum information will play a key role interfacing quantum computers, devices and sensors. Our program seeks to create the platform needed for the nodes of this network. These nodes will serve as the gateway between a diverse array of rapidly evolving quantum subsystems and optical networks that move photons with different temporal and spectral properties over long distances. The essential requirements for these systems are ultra-low loss, efficient and tailorable quantum frequency conversion, and the capability to interface with qubits and memories. We set out to realize the networking hardware needed for ultra-low-loss and high-bandwidth connections between quantum systems, interfacing with telecom photonic networks and emitters, while being sufficiently versatile and extensible to operate with the multitude of different encodings and frequencies essential to QIS.

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